Ningbo, China

Ningbo is a coastal city located in the eastern part of Zhejiang province, China. It has a long history dating back to the Hemudu culture over 7,000 years ago. As one of China's oldest ports and an important trading hub, Ningbo has a rich cultural heritage and a diverse economy. The city is famous for its traditional crafts, including Ningbo embroidery, bamboo weaving, and pottery. It is also known for its fresh seafood and local cuisine, which incorporates unique flavor combinations and ingredients. Ningbo is a popular tourist destination, offering a mix of historical sites, modern attractions, and natural scenery, such as the Dongqian Lake and Mount Tiantai. With its convenient transportation and welcoming atmosphere, Ningbo is a great place to experience the unique culture and traditions of China.


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2. Please note that the organizing committee will not provide accommodation for the delegates, so you need to book your accommodation by yourself.